The Slambovians play music that harks back to the idealistic, catchy folk rock of the 1960s and 1970s. But they’re not a nostalgia act. “Instead of rehashing the old stuff, we went back to the well,” says lead singer Joziah Longo. Almost anything (think purple pancakes) can happen at a Gandalf show, and usually does.

Come in costume if you like, and let your imagination go wild. Citing influences as diverse as Hank Williams, Dylan, Bowie, Incredible String Band and early Pink Floyd, Longo describes the band’s music as “punk-classical-hillbilly-Floyd,” and no matter how you’re dressed, you’re guaranteed a rollercoaster of whimsical, thought-provoking songs.

This season’s Halloween theme is “A Mid-Autumn Night’s Dream”… Dark Faerie magic with Shakespearean overtones make for a Slambovian Halloween in the forest! A ‘Baroque ‘N Roll’ Event ~ The band will go ‘Into The Woods’ with Faerie folk, wood elves, trolls, creatures of the night, and ‘ghost writers’ of the past!